BOSSdaddy - ugotdis.4G


Produced by BOSSdaddy on MPC2000XL, MPC1000, Juno60 _______________________________________________ Catalog no. CSR006 _______________________________________________ DUBPLATE  _______________________________________________ The production of these records are done by hand from the Cosmic Slop Records team. The team cut vinyl on the lathe from the CSR studio & screen print the sleeves in house at MAP Charity, in its home, Hope Foundry. _______________________________________________ The artist has donated this piece of work in support of MAP Charity, where all profits from sales will go towards supporting the education provision housed at Hope Foundry. Students learn different creative techniques, from beat-making, 3D modelling, screen printing and stop animation, whilst achieving their Maths & English qualifications.  _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Mastered by Will Addy _______________________________________________ Please note that if shipping to international countries is higher than calculated at point of purchase, buyers will be offered to pay the difference, or a refund will be made available. Please Allow up to 3 weeks for product to be made & Shipped out.  

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